Located in the province of Benguet, lies a melting pot of people and cultures, a pristine place known as Baguio. It is recognized as the ” Summer Capital of the Philippines” due to its chilly climate.The city is forested with pine trees, hence, dubbed as the “City of Pines”. Thousands of people visit Baguio, especially in the Summer months of March, April, and May, to cool themselves not just from the scorching heat of the sun but also to get away from the bustling cities. 

Indulge, explore, and discover the most family-friendly destinations in the northern part of Manila, Philippines.

Baguio Botanical Garden

Recently known as the Centennial Park of Baguio. Loaded up with pine trees, this Botanical Garden is an ideal place to unwind. It serves a hideaway from the usually crowded Baguio. It also houses nurseries dedicated to propagating flora which will eventually be replanted within the parks and gardens of Baguio. 

The famed Burnham Park

It was named after Daniel Burnham, the designer of the park. Ideal for family bonding to experience some outdoor recreation like boating, biking, and roller skating or lay a mat and take in the fresh air or walk for leisure in its paved walkway

The Baguio Cathedral

Inspired by Neo-Gothic architecture style, it once served as an evacuation center during World War II.

For those traveling from outside of Luzon you need to pass through Clark airport, from there you can reach Baguio by bus departing from Cubao Bus Station, which is a 5-6 hour travel or ride a 4 – hour travel Executive Bus from Manila. One can also get there through Taxi or jeepney enroute to Baguio.

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