Mindoro is an Island aesthetic enough to capture the heart of millions of travelers. Divided into two diverse provinces, the occidental, and oriental Mindoro varies in nature and culture. The Occidental Mindoro is known for its relaxing ambiance, considered to be an unclubbable destination. However, the innocent looks hide a variety of uncompelling tourist ace. In the south-west of the whole island, Occidental Mindoro lures the inherent beauty of nature. Located in the North-East is the famous Oriental Mindoro which comprises 14 municipalities. Famous for its long white beaches and fine sands, Puerto Galera sets a high standard in terms of tourist visitation.

The abundance of flora and fauna makes this place a true divine paradise to visit. Mindoro offers various places to visit from the tallest mountain down to the most transparent seas. But there are few unique treasures that Mindoreños are very proud of. First, are the local tribes called Mangyans. Second, the majestic Mt. Halcon and lastly, the unique Buffalo named Tamaraw. But what makes the whole Mindoro beautiful are the hospitable people living and giving life to the island. 

There are multiple choices in going to Mindoro. For most tourists, entering Mindoro can be via ferries from Batangas. And people wishing to fly to the island can take the via commercial flights from Manila to San Jose Airport at Occidental Mindoro. Plenty of Buses and minivans are available when you’re inside the island. Check it out now and feel the beauty of Mindoro!

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