Siargao is more than just a tear-drop-shaped island in the province of Surigao Del Norte in the Philippine sea. The island has a beautiful coastline, white sands, crystal clear water, mangroves, caves, and the island is surrounded by palm trees. The biodiversity of the surrounding waters, the big and dramatic waves, made Siargao the PERFECT spot for the internationally acclaimed Surfing Cup.

You will surely enjoy it’s sand and sea without the board and still feel the uniqueness of the island while enjoying the island hopping to its different beaches.

Guyam Island

A very tiny island covered with palm trees wherein you can walk from one side to another side.

Naked Island

A small sand bar, literally just being sand and a little stretch to hang out with friends.

Daku Island

Derived from the Visayan word ”daku” means ”big” is the biggest island among others where you can do some snorkeling. It also has some small huts along the shores where you can have your lunch (yummy kinds of seafood) and perfect chilling under the shades.

And more popular beaches like Alegria beach, Pacifico beach, Secret beach, Kawhagan, and Pamanaon beach, Magpupungko tide pools and many more things to visit in Siargao.

If you want nature’s tranquility, don’t forget these magical places:

Sugba Lagoon

The second-largest mangroves forest in the Philippines. It has clear water where you can have paddle boats, snorkeling, and even kayaking.

Bucas Grande

A haven in Siargao where you can find non-stinging jellyfish sanctuary.

Sohoton Cove

Another breathtaking gem Siargao can offer. If you want to add more adventures, the Hagukan and Mangkuku ob Caves will not disappoint you.

Tak Tak Falls

The only waterfall in the island in which one can have a cliff and tree jumping on the top of the falls. These are the typical activities in the area. If you love adventure, try to copy the local master in climbing in a coconut palm to the top. They are friendly and welcoming to tourists. They can speak English, Tagalog, and their native dialect, “Visayan language.” Most of them are fishermen (game fishing has been popular on the island) and farmers as their primary means of livelihood. So hang out with these locals and eat their native delicacies to have an enjoyable and memorable experience at Siargao.

One can visit Siargao from Manila, Cebu, and Davao, with flights reaching the island daily.

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