Welcome to the island that rose from the sea, Siquijor. It is famously known as “Isla Del Fuego” or “Island of Fire” because of the intensity of fireflies in the area.The place is also well known for its festivals that focus on healing rituals where incantations are sung to make effective potions out of herbs, roots, insects, and tree barks. This tiny island province is famous for its mountain-dwelling “mangkukulam” (healers) who brew traditional ointments for modern ailments.For most Filipinos, Siquijor is a mysterious other-world of witchcraft and the unknown.

Siquijor is a place that has charm in buckets and a place to be loved. So, if are looking for a place where kicking back to relax is practically mandatory, with few other travelers, a great vibe, and plenty of beautiful spots, then this is the place for you.

Cabughay falls, the star attraction in Siquijor, which is tucked into the countries just outside of Lazi. Famed for its bright blue water, Cambughay Falls is a tiered waterfall that has pools for those who fancy a swim and swing for those who still like to let out their inner child. Cambughay Falls is a very refreshing place to cool off, and it’s popular with the locals.

Paliton Beach, claimed to be the island’s most beautiful beach with white sand, palm trees, and a calm sea, which is perfect for swimming.

Mt. Bandila-an is the highest peak in Siquijor, about 557m high. Concrete steps lead 10 minutes up to the summit from two marked points on the road and a viewing platform at the peak from where the whole of Siquijor is visible.

Balete tree, widely known as ‘Bantan Tree”, estimated to be 400 years old and believed by some to be enchanted. In front of the tree is a spring-fed pool filled with flesh-nibbling fish- dangle your feet in for free “fish spa.”

Cliff diving in Salagdoong is popular with rough day-trippers, there’s a half-open water park that has seen much better, and you can jump into the ocean from 6m to 12m concrete platform built into the rocks.

Traveling to Siquijor isn’t as simple as many Filipino islands. It does have an airport, but we could only see flights from Cebu and as their small planes are an expensive route. The way most people arrive is by ferry from either in Cebu City, Tagbilaran (Bohol), Dumaguete (Negros), and Liloan (Santander Cebu). Getting around Siquijor is very easy, but you should have your means of transport. Motorbike rental and tricycle rental are very famous in the island. It’s an excellent place for novice motorcyclists as roads are well paved and are very quiet.

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