Known as the Queen City of the South, Welcome to Cebu, Welcome to our Hearts! Cebu is a paradise like no other. It’s one of the best Islands in the Philippines. Abundance in culture and nature, Cebu is paramount when it comes to Industry and Tourism. To know more about it, join me as I unfold the ravishing Province of Cebu!

Also known as Sugbo(Cebuano term for Cebu), Cebu is considered the Star attraction of Central Visayas. Ever since, from the early times, Cebu captured the hearts of many foreign visitors. Great voyager Ferdinand Magellan died here lay-outing the cross almost 500 years ago bringing Spanish heft and making Cebu the first European alliance in whole Asia. Cebu was also once a bustling commercial hub of some other countries.

Sugbo’s booming tourism help Cebu got its reputation as the Alluring haven of the South. From the Tallest mountain to the clearest of seas, Cebu is a world-famous destination. Let’s discover the top destinations Sugbo has to offer.

Bantayan Island( islet situated at the northernmost part of Cebu) is home to the world-class beaches. It’s longshore and white sand took a huge factor on why it is one to be visited when coming to Cebu. Tho small, but this Island is Convenient for all travelers and Seafood lovers.

Malapascua Island also situated in the north. Part of the Municipality of Daanbantayan, this small Island is famous for its Tresher Shark. Very accessible through boats. You can visit this Island without any hassle.

Oslob is a fourth-class municipality situated in Cebu. It became a tourist hotspot because of the whale sharks or “Butanding” as they call it in Filipino. Every once in a while, the whale sharks gather on the coastline of Oslob to nurture themselves and breed. Since then, whale shark watching has been a trending activity in the town.

Canyoneering in Badian is the newest extreme activity that most tourists long for. From cliff diving on heights, trekking to swimming, travelers can experience the full adventure here.

Kawasan Falls is the most prominent and notorious waterfall in Cebu, and it’s huge and cool waters gots its reputation as the Queen waterfall of the South.

Sinulog Festival is the mother of all festivals in the Philippines. Sinulog is celebrated every third Sunday of January, paying tribute to the holy child Sr. Sto. Niño. Aside from Sinulog, each municipality has its own share of Festivals. Celebrated every Fiesta of each town making Sugbo the most festive province and the Festival Island in the country.

Cebu us not hard to be visited. It has Mactan International Airport that caters domestic and international flights daily. And in going to all your wishes places. There is the North Bus terminal and South Bus Terminal. Both terminals have easy access in going to each corner of the province. But if you want to have a smooth and hassle-free vacay. Hop in a private rent a car or book for a travel agency in Cebu for a more convenient stay. Some agencies offer total Package.

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