Have you longed for a place that’s beyond your imagination? Well, ready yourselves as I introduce you to one of South East Asia’s top Island, Coron! Coron has it’s natural wonders that brazen sense about reality. From the most transparent waters, bang-up islands to the simplest native tribe living peacefully in the compose island of Palawan. Used to be a drowsy fishing town now turns to be the center of tourist radar in the country. Coron offers a variety of tourist destinations that indeed amaze millions of travelers from the different corners of the world. From diving Shipwrecks, beautiful untouched white beaches, beautiful creatures called Dugong to the extraordinary rock formations that add up to its perfection. Natural as always, Coron serves best for all nature lovers.

Proven that Coron is more on swimming in the open seas, going to these following destinations will make your itinerary more fun.

Coron Bay is the place where all the excitement starts. Famous for its extraordinary rock formations resemblant to the famous movie ‘Avatar’. This place will surely make you question reality. Along with some shipwrecks, Coron Bay will give travelers goosebumps at its finest.

Kingfisher Park is a mangrove and bird sanctuary. There are foliage and animal species that are on this island. In other words, you can only see them here! You can request a local tour guide, and definitely, they will orient and help you with all of your questions.

Wreck Dive in Busuanga Island will give you goosebumps like no other. Because of the ancient ships now covered with colorful reefs that will surely give you a dive worthy of your time. 

Lake Kayangan is a 15-minute hike that takes a bit of effort but is deserving because of the beautiful forest along the way. 

Barracuda Lake is a fantastic dive ace where you’ll bumble around the underwater mountains like flying, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love its distinct characteristic. 

Getting on there is one can have it through planes and ferries. Few leading cities have direct flights in going to Coron. Ferry boats are also available from Manila. But once you arrive in Coron, it’s easy for you to manage on how to get around the corner. There are plenty of minivans and tricycles rooming around the town. And if you wanted to visit the famous islets of Coron , there are many available boat operators around the island. But if you have your booked Travel Agencies, then it’s easier for you to pull off your dream vacation. 

Remember, Coron is not just a place. It’s a paradise of your dream.

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