El Nido


El Nido is an elite paradise in the Island of the Philippines. Located in the northernmost part of Palawan’s main islands, El Nido is a well-renowned destination in the country. Though a first-class town, El Nido remains an irenic haven of the province. Because of its cunning white sand beaches, flabbergasting coral reefs, near to perfection limestone cliffs, El Nido was included in “20 most Beautiful Beaches in the world” ranking at number 4 in Cond√© Nast Traveler’s List. Together with Puerto Princessa and Coron, El Nido is part of Palawan’s bang-up trio. These three world-renowned bliss are just close to each other. We are having El Nido at the center, which is very accessible to Coron situating in the north and Puerto Princessa in the South.

El Nido is small but affluent in A-list tourist spots. Given that it’s one of the best beaches in the world. El Nido is surrounded by extraordinary beachfront.

Duli Beach: This incredibly alluring paradise in the northern tip of mainland Palawan is the star attraction of El Nido’s surfing circle. The best time to visit there is November to March. Located off on the national highway, it’s a little backbreaking but worth the time. Rentals of the boats are 500php per hour.

Sandbar in Snake Island: Who would miss the chance to lie in the mild and unspoiled beach of Snake Island? Well, a perfect place for relaxation and excellent leisure. With boats available in the town, you can easily visit this place without any worries.

Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls is a small but quite fascinating waterfall at the top of El Nido. With few sub-cascade, this bang-up beauty can surely melt your heart away.

Besides all of this, you can also kayak in Small Lagoon, dip in the secret lagoon, see the view from Matinloc Shrine, and catch the sunset at Las Cabanas. There’s so much more to see in El Nido. So many secrets to unfold. All you need to do is booked a ticket and discover its mysteries.

You can comfortably cruise the town of El Nido through land and air. There’s an airport connected to the Leading airports in the country. Just book online, and you can easily acquire a slot then if you want to go around the corners of El Nido. There are vans, motorbikes, and jeepneys that you can rent. And there are plenty of boats available if you want to visit the islands. But cash is highly recommended on the Island. Because most of the activities are beach and island-hopping, surely few ATMs are working on the whole side of the town. Adding to its beauty are the gentle people that made it a world-class destination. No words can plainly describe how beautiful El Nido is, especially when you are with the people you loved the most. So what are you waiting for, book now and visit the tranquil haven of the Philippines!

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